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3d World
Storbritannien (GB)
Introducing the ultimate design mag for 3D artists and animators. Inside 3D World you ll find an explosive combination of inspiration from industry leaders, practical tips and creative advice, plus reviews of the latest groundbreaking hardware and software for PC and Mac.Our range of news features and profiles covers the creation of 3D visuals for television, film, video games and, as well as illustration, product visualisation and design. Our walkthrough, tips and Q&A experts write about all the top creative packages including 3D Studio MAX, Lightwave, Softimage and Maya, plus a range of other applications for all budgets. Each month the magazine comes with a coverdisc filled with the finest professional animations, full programs for you to use, free models and textures, demo software and plug-ins and scripts for your applications. All this is packed up for rendered stills and animations, more free resources, news, features, tips and tutorials all about 3D.

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