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Art Review
Storbritannien (GB)
ArtReview does just what our title says; we review the most challenging art of our time, wherever in the world it is being made. There¿s new work from artists who are already famous, and work from artists you will hear of for the first time in the magazine. But there¿s far more; you meet the artists in their studios and hear what they have to say about their work and its inspirations. We take you to see fascinating collections and talk to the collectors about their choices, their finds and their fun. Add hot news from the art world, shrewd coverage of the art market, our famous art gossip page ¿WetPaint¿, big features on big art topics, and here you have it. All you need to know about art and artists in your time. In ArtReview.

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0161 OSLO Narvesen 804 Continental Stortingsg 24/26
0252 OSLO Astrup Fearnley Museet AS Albert Nordengens plass 2
0366 OSLO Narvesen 813 Valkyriegaten Valkyriegate5
11120 STOCKHOLM Pressbyrån 4208168 Centralplan 15
11143 STOCKHOLM Pressbyrån Moodgallerian 05161 Norrlandsgatan 13
11157 STOCKHOLM Akademibokhandeln Bokia Sveavägen 10
11233 STOCKHOLM Pressbyrån / Press Stop 414120 Fleminggatan 50
11621 STOCKHOLM Press Stop Götgatan 31
1606 FREDRIKSTAD Narvesen 135 Fredrikstad Jb.St Jernbanegata 20
21120 MALMÖ Pressbyrån 4168283 Skeppsbron 1D
21134 MALMÖ Pressbyrån 4168100 Södergatan 11
22221 LUND Pressbyrån 4368205 Bangatan 1
33153 VÄRNAMO Press Stop Online - lösnr Silkesvägen 39
4006 STAVANGER Narvesen 386 Kulturhuset Sølvberggata2
41103 GÖTEBORG Pressbyrån 100994 (HUVUDENT.) Centralstationen Huvudentren