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BBC History Magazine
Storbritannien (GB)
Each monthly edition contains everything you need to get the most out of history including: Bringing History to Life - Leading historians, bring fresh insights and perspectives into the personalities and events of the past.
Today¿s world in context - Make sense of the modern world and the history that has shaped it.
History to Go - Museum of the month, where to go, what to see ¿ hands on history to help you explore your heritage. What¿s On? - The UK¿s best guide and insight into history programmes on TV and radio.
Milestones - Key events in history, every day of the month.
Reviews - The best new books, CDs, tapes and internet sites. The History Quiz - With questions to test even the hottest history brains (and prizes to reward them).
Education ¿ Exploring issues of interest to students and teachers alike.

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